- Terms of Use

These Terms of Use (“Terms”) apply to the use of the website (“Service”), a service provided by the Finnish Jazz Federation (“Service Provider”). The website is a digital platform which has been designed to outline the live music climate roadmap and to collect data from stakeholders who have committed to the shared climate goals. 

All website users must familiarise themselves with these Terms prior to accessing the Service. 

Definitions of terms used in the Terms of Use document:

  • “Service Provider” refers to the Finnish Jazz Federation, hereinafter also “Jazz Federation”.
  • “Service” refers to the service provided by the Jazz Federation.
  • “User” refers to a user of the service.
  • ”Stakeholder” refers to a business, artist or other individual or entity who has committed to the climate goals.

1. Privacy

The Service Provider uses personal data in adherence to current personal data legislation. The User must carefully read the Privacy Statement which describes in more detail how personal data is handled. 

2. Entry into force of these Terms of Use

The user agrees to adhere to these Terms by accessing the Service. Should any individual Term not be binding, the other Terms will nevertheless remain valid.

3. Using the Service

The User agrees to only submit accurate information to the Service and to correct any mistakes without delay. The User may be contacted if the Service Provider has reason to suspect the accuracy of the data submitted in the Service. By submitting data on behalf of a Stakeholder, the User confirms that they have the right to represent the Stakeholder in question. By submitting data, the User confirms that they understand that the Stakeholder’s name (which can be the name of a business, artist or other stakeholder) may be published in the Service. The User can ask for the removal of data by sending an email to , and the Service Provider will delete the data within five (5) business days. 

The Service Provider has the right to use their discretion to remove or hide details of Stakeholders who have committed to the goals. The registered User will be notified of the removal or hiding of their data whenever possible.  

3.1. Service changes

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify the Service or parts thereof at any time and without notice. These modifications include limiting the use of the entire Service or parts thereof. The Service Provider may cease to provide the Service at any time and without advance notice. Delivering the Service may also be temporarily paused for reasons such as undertaking modifications to the Service. 

3.2 Cookies

The Service does not use cookies. Statistical data is collected through the Plausible Analytics tool which collects data anonymously without cookies. 

4. Intellectual property

The Service and its contents are the Service Provider’s or its partners’ intellectual property. The User of the Service has the right to browse and use the Service within these Terms of Use. The User has no right to copy, save, or make the Service or its contents publicly available without a written permission from the Service Provider. 

5. Limitations of Liability

The Service Provider strives to deliver a reliable and smoothly operating Service, but will not guarantee an uninterrupted or errorless useability, or provide other guarantees over the site’s operation. The useability of the Service may also depend on the hardware used and the mutual connectivity. The Service Provider will not be responsible for any damages due to service interruptions. 

The Service Provider will not be responsible for any indirect or direct compensatory damages suffered as a result of the use of the Service or of not being able to access the Service. 

The Service Provider will not be responsible for the inability to access the service due to a force majeure, or for any indirect or direct damages caused by the access inability.

6. Termination of agreement

The Service has no usage time limitations when usage adheres to the Terms of Use. Usage can be terminated at any time.

7. Changes in Terms of Use

The Service Provider reserves the right to modify these Terms at any time. Users will be notified of upcoming changes via email. The changes will take effect 30 days after the notification. The User is considered to have accepted the modified Terms of Use if they continue to access the Service after the modifications in the Terms of Use have taken effect. 

8. Contacting the Service Provider 

Finnish Jazz Federation
Hämeentie 17 b 62
00500 Helsinki 

Contact person

Maria Silvennoinen
Executive Director, Finnish Jazz Federation