Privacy statement

Finnish Jazz Federation
Updated 14 June 2022

This privacy statement is applied to all personal data collection related to the service. The privacy statement adheres to the EU Data Protection Directive, Finnish legislation, and other applicable data protection regulations.

Definitions of terms used in the Privacy Statement:

  • The Finnish Jazz Federation is hereinafter also referred to as “Jazz Federation” or “we”.
    “Personal data” refers to any personal information which can be connected to an identifiable individual. It does not include anonymous data where all identifiers have been removed.
  • “Service” refers to the service provided by the Jazz Federation.
  • “User” refers to the user of the service who has submitted the commitment form.
  • ”Stakeholder” refers to a business, artist or other individual or entity who has committed to the climate goals.

1. What information is collected and why?

User’s contact details

In the process of submitting the commitment, a Stakeholder’s representative provides the following information:

  • User’s first name, surname and email address
  • The following Stakeholder information will be collected:
    • Name of organisation, artist or stakeholder
  • Specific personal data categories will not be processed.

2. How do we use the information we collect?

Data can be collected, processed and used on the following grounds:

  • To achieve the necessary prerequisites for executing or creating an agreement, or to produce services.
  • In rare cases, where we must use the data as required by a legal obligation, or to protect an individual or common interest.

Personal information is processed in order to deliver the service:

  • To enable live music professionals, organisational representatives and other stakeholders to express their support by committing to the live music climate roadmap.
  • To be able to send out any necessary Service-related messages to registered Users.

Anonymised data created through the Service can also be used for statistical purposes, such as measuring the Service’s usage rates. Anonymous statistical data can be shared with a third party, such as Service funding bodies. Analytics are performed through a Europe-based Plausible Analytics tool.

Should the administrator of the website change, personal data may be transferred over to the new administrator of the site. Any administration changes will be communicated to registered Users no less than 30 days prior to the change taking effect.

3. How is information collected and processed?

Data is collected, processed and used strictly as permitted by law. Any personal information is collected directly from registered Users.

4. Register’s protection principles

The digitally processed personal information is protected and saved into the Jazz Federation’s internal systems, which can only be accessed by individuals who require such information to fulfill tasks specifically related to delivering the Service. These individuals have been allocated personal usernames and passwords. Personal information is collected and processed through the Webropol system and Microsoft cloud services.

5. Regular disclosure of data and information transfer outside of the EU or the European Economic Area (EEA)

The data is principally processed in Finland. The data is not processed outside of the EU/EEA, unless individual Users connect to the Service from outside of the area. The Service can be accessed from any geographical location.

The data is stored in a server located in Finland.

Service-related, anonymous statistical information can be shared with parties who fund the development work of the Jazz Federation or the Service, for example for project monitoring purposes.

6. Who can information be shared with?

The collected personal data is available to the Jazz Federation and other Service administrators. All User organisations’ names are published in the Service, and they can be viewed online by website visitors.

7. Data storage

All registered Users are responsible for updating or deleting without delay all such content which is no longer valid or accurate. If a User wishes to update or delete any information they have previously provided, they must contact the register administrator by emailing

The register administrator has the right to remove any personal information from the register at their own discretion. Personal information is only stored as long as their original collection purpose remains valid. As there is no login option to the Service, the register administrator contacts each registered User every two (2) years to check their willingness to continue to have their data available for processing. If a User does not reply to the contact withing 30 days, the Jazz Federation has the right to delete the User’s information from the register.

In some cases, it may be necessary to continue storing data beyond the above-mentioned restrictions. Should this be the case, the information in question will be anonymised and the User will not remain identifiable.

8. Registered User’s rights

Registered Users have the right to access their own information. In addition, registered Users have other rights based on general data projection regulations, such as the right to oppose the processing of their information and the right to request restrictions to data processing in certain cases. In terms of dated or incorrect information, a registered User has the right to request amendments to their information. A registered User may also request for the removal of their information or for ceasing to process their information, which may lead to interruptions in the Service provided.
If a registered User feels that their rights have been violated, they have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority.

9. Automated decision-making

Information in the register will not be used for any such decision-making which may have legal impacts on the individual or which is based on automated data processing methods, such as profiling.

10. Contacting us

Any requests concerning the rights of registered Users, questions about this Privacy Statement, or any other queries should be emailed to

11. Modification of this Privacy Statement

The Finnish Jazz Federation reserves the right to modify this Privacy Statement. Registered Users will be notified of any changes via email. An up-to-date copy of the Privacy Statement is available online at It is important that all registered Users carefully familiarise themselves with the Privacy Statement after each update.

12. Register administrator

Finnish Jazz Federation
Entity code: 0220061-2
Hämeentie 17 b 62
FI-00500 Helsinki
+358 5367491

Contact person
Maria Silvennoinen
Executive Director, Finnish Jazz Federation