Live music <3 Climate


The live music climate roadmap was devised during spring 2023. The roadmap is based on a 2022 survey on Finland’s live music sector’s carbon footprint. The project is administered and coordinated by the Finnish Jazz Federation, and its partners are the members of the network KEMUT (Sustainable music industry toolkit). In addition to the Finnish Jazz Federation, the network includes the Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras, the Finnish Musicians’ Union, Finland Festivals, LiveFIN, and Music Finland.

The project’s specialist partner is Positive Impact Finland, who have created the roadmap. The project has received funding from the Ministry of Education and Culture (as a part of Jazz Finland’s Carbon Neutral Touring Model project 2022–2023), MES and the partners.


Finnish Jazz Federation

Project Manager Anu Ahola
mob. +358 50 569 0505

Administrator, Executive Director Maria Silvennoinen
mob. +358 50 536 7491

Positive Impact Finland

Expert, CEO Elina Levula
mob. +358 44 024 0390


Anu Ahola (Project Manager, Live Music Carbon Footprint;
Kai Amberla (Executive Director, Finland Festivals)
Peppi Arrimo (Producer, Live Music Carbon Footprint;; Provinssi; Lost In Music; Sziget)
Jaana Eskola (Project Manager, LuoTo)
Laura Haarala (Executive Director, Finnish Entertainment Agency Association SOA)
Heta-Elena Heiskanen (Senior Specialist, Ministry of the Environment; Secretary-General, Finnish Climate Change Panel)
Merja Hottinen (Research Manager, Music Finland)
Susanna Hulkkonen (Executive Director, LiveFIN)
Jaakko Kämäräinen (Freelance Coordinator, Finnish Musicians’ Union)
Iiris Lehtonen (Executive Director, Association of Finnish Symphony Orchestras)
Elina Levula (Chief Executive Officer, Positive Impact)
Mirva Merimaa (Chief Executive Officer, Tiketti; Board Member, Tapahtumateollisuus)
Salla Mistola (Special Advisor, Arts Promotion Centre Finland)
Lumi Ollila (Community Specialist, Finnish Music Creators’ Association)
Tommi Saarikivi (Executive Director, MES)
Maria Silvennoinen (Executive Director, Finnish Jazz Federation)
Raisa Siivola (Producer-Publicist, Finnish Jazz Federation)
Jaana Simula (Managing Director, Globe Art Point)
Niilo Tarnanen (Chair, Finnish Music Council Association; Deputy Chair, Society of Finnish Composers)
Vilja Varho (Senior Scientist, Natural Resources Institute Finland)

Climate roadmap reviewers

Eeva Furman (Secretary-General of the Finnish National Commission on Sustainable Development, Chair of the Expert Panel on Sustainable Development)
Marko Koivisto (Property, Security and Sustainability Manager, Tampere Hall)
Saara Korpela (Project Coordinator, Green Palette project, Frame)
Ari Nissinen (Leading Research Scientist, Development Manager, Climate Solutions Unit, Finnish Environment Institute SYKE)
Petra Piiroinen (Executive Director, Our Festival; Siirtymä project)
Eero Yrjö-Koskinen (Executive Director, Institute for European Environmental Policy IEEP)
Saku Juvonen (Sustainability Manager, Live Nation Finland)