Cool is the new hot.

Climate change is one of the biggest global crises of our time. It requires our society to have the ability and capacity to change its modes of operation. Music industry operators can set examples to speed up the change in the rest of society. The live music climate roadmap illustrates ways to create a sustainable future.​

How can you participate?


Explore the roadmap

Slowing down climate change is the only way to ensure that live music can still be enjoyed in future. The roadmap identifies the music industry’s most important climate action themes, and actions that have a real impact.

Commit to goals

By committing to our industry’s shared climate goals, you demonstrate a willingness to take part in the change. The more people commit to the suggested actions, the stronger the roadmap’s impact will become.



Take action and share

The roadmap’s suggested actions help create new, good practices for the whole sector. Promote these practices by sharing your information about the roadmap to others. The music industry wields more influence than our sector’s size suggests, including in climate-related matters.